Things to know when buying a silk pillowcase

You should be aware of a few important things when buying silk pillowcases from First, the material should be Grade A silk. This material is more breathable and will reduce friction on your hair. Another consideration is the type of closure. You might also consider the size and shape of the pillowcase.

Grade-A silk

A Grade-A silk pillowcase is not only beautiful, but it can also reduce wrinkles and frizz. Beauty enthusiasts have noted the softness of the silk that comes from mulberry silkworms. To determine whether a silk pillowcase is Grade-A or Grade-B, look for OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.

Grade-A silk is the highest quality silk. It is made from un-dyed silk. Some types of silk can be dyed. Silk thickness is measured in millimetres (MM) and should be clearly indicated on the label. The listing should also give the size of each pillowcase in both inches and centimeters. If it doesn’t, it is likely that the product is not grade A silk and was made by a foreign firm.


A hypoallergenic silk pillowcase can help allergy sufferers get better sleep. Because silk has a pH level that matches human skin, it is naturally hypoallergenic. Silk’s fibres create less friction than other fabrics, which reduces the likelihood of developing sleep wrinkles, split ends, or bed head. It is also non-conductive, meaning it won’t attract static electricity or absorb cosmetics from the hair.

In addition to being a hypoallergenic material, silk is also naturally resistant to mold and dust mites, making it a wonderful choice for allergy sufferers. Silk is a wonderful choice for sensitive skin because it is extremely soft.


Breathable silk pillowcases can improve the quality of your sleep. They come in a variety colors and patterns. They are made of 100 percent mulberry silk and feature a hidden zipper. They also include a silk scrunchie. Some reviewers reported that the fabric was not wrinkle-resistant after washing but most others reported that their hair and skin felt healthier after sleeping with the pillowcases. And when you are well rested, high is the chance you’d do really well if you are to play some fun and interactive sports betting games via UFABET.

Silk pillowcases that are breathable will help you stay cool. Since the fibers of silk are breathable, the material releases excess sweat and humidity. This makes you feel comfortable all night. If you have allergies or have other medical conditions, a silk pillowcase is a good choice.

It’s easy to wash

If you have a silk pillowcase, there are a few steps you can take to clean it. To begin, use a pH-neutral detergent and cool water. To remove any soap residue, gently swirl your pillowcase in the hot water. After the pillowcase is fully saturated, rinse it with cool water several times. To remove any excess water, squeeze the pillowcase after each rinse.

Silk pillowcases can be delicate so they should only be washed in cool water and not in hot water. Use a gentle liquid laundry detergent, avoiding baby shampoo. Avoid fabric softener as they can cause damage to silk fabric. To protect your silk pillowcase during washing, use a mesh laundry bag.

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