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Developing India: Solar Panel for House

The solar panel is a small step towards a brighter future. It transforms the sunlight into electricity which is a tad better than the normal power sources. Solar Panel for the house is becoming a necessity due to the increasing cost of electricity in India. Solar panels are also known as photovoltaic cells. The development of a country heavily relies on its environment. Better the environment, developed the country. Solar panels are environmentally friendly because it uses sunlight to produce electricity. Generally, the lifespan of a solar panel is 25 years which makes it pocket-friendly. Indians started to use Solar Panels for the house as the government of India started to promote it, and this is an initiative that symbolizes Developing India. The solar panel for the house has its pros and cons.

    1. Pros

The Following Are The Benefits Of Solar Panel For House-

    • It uses solar energy and never gets short of sunlight because of the presence of the sun in the universe. As long as there is sun, we could use solar energy to produces electricity through Solar panels.
    • Solar Panels don’t demand high maintenance.
    • It is pocket-friendly because it can reduce your bills depending on the size of the solar panel
    • Solar Panel comes with a grid, inverter and installation. Grid stores the solar energy to produces electricity even at night when there is no sun.
    1. Cons

The disadvantages of solar panel in house include-

    • The initial cost of buying a Solar Panel for the house is very high. In India, it makes it difficult for a middle-class family to buy a solar panel, although the government of India makes new policies to help the growth of solar panel sale in the country. The future of solar panels are bright, so it is a great investment to buy them for your house.
    • Solar Panel takes a lot of space, which is why many houses in India cannot even have them on their rooftops due to lack of space.
    • Solar energy depends on the weather, although it can even work in rainy conditions. Some effects might be seen on the solar panels due to the weather.

3. Role in development of India and its environment

Every country depends on its people and the environment. The environment of each state in India is different from one another. The use of solar panels in Indian houses would help in reducing the production of electricity through the water, thereby resulting in a better and healthier environment. The Government of India is taking various initiatives to make solar panels popular among the masses, although the initial cost of solar panels is creating barriers. But due to the continuous efforts of the government, many people started to buy solar panels for the house. Thus, we can say that India is developing as a nation and promoting solar panels is a step towards a brighter and environmentally friendly future. Solar panels are the need of the current polluted environment.

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