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Planning a city tour St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg city comes after Moscow to secure the position of the second-largest city of Russia. The city has an incredible historical background that dates back to the 17th century. Once, the city was known by the name of Leningrad, which had not vanished completely as of now. Trade has been an integral part of this city since time immemorial as it serves to be one of the most important port for sea trade in Europe. Tourism is the backbone of the economy of the nation. So, let’s go on a city tour of St PetersburgIn addition, you could still make a bit of money on the side while enjoying the trip simply by playing some fun sports betting games via

Places not to miss!

Russian culture is very much depicted as one moves through the streets of this city. Although this city has a countless number of places to visit, still listed below are some spots one must not miss while travelling to Europe, specifically St. Petersburg.

    • Hermitage palace: Being the second largest museum globally, Hermitage Palace is a place that one must visit. Palace square is the place where many chronological events had taken place. The Hermitage is divided into New Hermitage, Old Hermitage, and Small Hermitage, and just one entry ticket provides access to all.
    • Rivers and canal system: The city is called ‘Venice of the north, basically known for its canal system. So a cruise tour becomes crucial. Admiring the beauty of the water from water is something that is beyond imagination.
    • Eighth wonder of the world’: Amber room situated inside the Catherine palace is generally called ‘eighth wonder of the world because of its luxury. The room has mirrors and leaves made up of gold. Catherine palace is the prime location for visitors who visit Russia in the summers. The palace consists of a park that is the centre of attraction for almost everyone.
    • Cruiser Aurora: Cruiser Aurora- the ship that belongs to the Russian navy stays in the limelight. This is probably the oldest of the ship that ever existed in the Russian Navy. So go and visit the place and do take as many snaps as possible. St. Petersburg city comes after Moscow to get the situation of the second-biggest city of Russia. The city has an unimaginable chronicled foundation that traces back to the seventeenth century. Once, the city was known by the name of Leningrad, which had not disappeared totally as of now. The exchange has been an essential piece of this city since days of yore as it serves to be perhaps the main port for ocean exchange Europe. The travel industry is the foundation of the economy of the country. In this way, how about we go on a city visit through St Petersburg.

City tour St Petersburg is an endless journey, but the above listed are some must-visit places of Russia, especially the city. Along with these places where one can enjoy spending time, St. Petersburg holds some of the most important governmental bodies like the Constitutional Court of Russia and the Heraldic Council of the Russian Federation president. St. Petersburg in Russia is very much like a cherry on the cake!

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