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An overview of life in Concord

The state capital of New Hampshire, Concord, is situated on the River Merrimack in the middle of the state. It has a history that goes for more than 270 years, and thus this city is known to be one of the finest places to work and live in. also, it has some of the best health care networks out there. Apart from these things, Concord is also just 20 minutes away from the airport, making travelling simpler and easier.

The quality of living in Concord

As far as the cost of living is concerned, this area has a lower but good quality of living. Also, there is no sales tax or state income tax that is levied upon the residents here. The providers and patients benefit from various services that are being provided by the Hospitals in Concord. With such good benefits available, it had made life worth living at an affordable price.

The best tourist attractions in Concord

    • The Concord Museum: this museum is home to numerous galleries, period rooms that depict the evolution and growth of this area. You will also find rich collections of documented domestic artefacts and other decorative artwork that were owned by the residents of the Concord era. The guided tour in this museum will last for about 45 minutes, but you have the liberty to walk around freely on your own or with your folks!
    • The Concord Walking Tour: if you are planning on a visit to Concord, then you shouldn’t skip the walking tour. This will take you from Central Monument Square for about 8.4 km through the city and get you back from where you started. This leisure walk will last for around 2 hours, and you will see many other fascinating and drooling monuments or nature’s beauty on your walk.
    • Canoeing in the river: if you like canoeing or kayaking in the river, this will be a perfect opportunity for you to have a nice time out there. You can rent the canoe or kayak for an hour and pay for it accordingly. Also, if you opt for weekdays, the prices are lesser. The weekends tend to be the busiest, but yes, there is a lot of space for everyone who wants to have a peaceful and lovely experience.

What are the pros and cons of living in Concord?

Well, let us start with the pros before anything else, and that includes easy navigation to different parts of the city. Also, the burden of tax here is much lower than in other cities. You can check the tax rates for different areas online and compare the differences.

Now, it is time to check out the cons of living in Concord. The energy costs in Concord is very high. Also, the jobs that are available here do not pay their employees that well. Also, if you are looking out for jobs, you should know that there are no specific jobs in specialized fields of career.

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