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Looking for Installation of Hot Water Heater

Primary Things to Keep in Mind:

When you invest in a water heater setup for your home or your business, it is necessary to know a few key factors and points before deciding to choose one. It is imperative to have known all the parameters and factors before hot water installations and hire professional plumbers for the job.

    • There are two main kinds of water heaters: Traditional and Tankless. To choose between the two is a different set of requirements and serve different purposes. It shall primarily depend upon the type of household and the number of people utilizing the facility.
    • The size of the tank depends upon your requirement and shall be factored upon the accessibility of people. The average size of the water tank for a home being 20-50 Gallons.
    • Energy-efficient tankers can dig a hole in your pocket but will save you from utility bills in the long run. A tankless heater is preferred if your priority is energy conservation, although it can only produce a limited amount of hot water per minute.

Choose a brand of hot water that offers plumber company support as it enhances the servicing without any extra costs. Ask your plumber company for brand recommendations and figure out why that is the best brand or should you go for it. For hot water installations and replacement of the old one, a licensed plumber is required. It is very dangerous for an untrained individual to operate and a safer bet to seek professional help.

Installation Guide:

    • As water heaters are fairly heavy, use the assistance of a helper, hand truck or a dolly to carry around the appliance.
    • If you already have an existing heater, remove the old unit with the help of a plumber and proceed to install a new one.
    • Firstly, place the new water heater near the drain pan. It can avoid possible flooding from the routing pipe and direct it to the drain pipe.
    • Do not reuse the old valve and twist in the new value. The T&P valve will automatically open up if the temperature or pressure variations are higher than the tank.
    • Next, install the CPVC drainage pipe from the T&P value towards the floor. Place a bucket underneath to stop the flooding of water from the discharge pipe.
    • Apply the plumber’s tape to attach the hoses and to one end of the connector body threads also remove any burrs in between.
    • Slide off the ring and compression nut to the pipe and tighten the nut after pushing the fitting.
    • Open the water supply, check for any leaks, and allow water to run for about a couple of minutes to flush out the debris.
    • Lastly, install the new connection wires and check for the supply.

Plumber Support for Installation:

This hot water installations shall be carried out under the supervision or performed by a trained expert professional plumber who carries out installation smoothly and explains the guidelines of usage. Most manufacturers have tie-ups with plumber companies who regularly pay a visit to the customer and fix any issues. Companies recommend the replacement of the unit every ten years.

    • Intersolar: Offers affordable solar water heaters with the best quality and offer installation and visit services too.
    • Racold: It is again a huge name in the water heater business and provides customer support and price range according to the heater’s power.
    • Tata: Affordab9ility, reliability and prime consumer support is the motto of the company.

Along with this, many private companies offer their installation plumber services at competent price and packages such as replacement, repair, maintenance, cleaning and overall health assessment of the unit.

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